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Second: An explanation of the conditions required for the Hijaab to fulfill its religious objective. Below is a list of the Hijaab’s necessary conditions: 

1. The Hijaab must cover a woman’s entire body, based on Allaah’s statement: “O Prophet! Tell your wives and you...

First: A clarification of the rulings that can be derived from the evidences on Hijaab, and they are as follows:

1. The obligation of the legislated Hijaab is definite and binding on all of the believing women, there being no room for lenience or negotiation with rega...

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Ibn Qudaamah al-Maqdisee says in his book Lum'ah al-I'tiqaad:

[93] And whoever attributes to himself or is characterized with other than Islaam and the...

Signs of the People of Bid'ah & Some of Their Groups

November 25, 2018

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August 19, 2018

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