Author: Imaam 'Abdur Rahmaan ibn Naasir as-Sa'dee
Publisher: Salafipublications (2009)
Pages: 18, Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:The book before you is an exegesis of the greatest Soorah or Chapter of the Qur’aan by one of the excellent scholars of the Ummah, Shaikh ‘Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Naasir as-Sa’dee, may the Mercy of Allah be upon him.


We present here an extract from the book to show you its great benefit: The statement of Allaah with the meaning: In the name of Allah, the Extremely Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy. Shaikh ‘Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Naasir as-Sa’dee said: Allah is the One who is revered and worshipped, Who has the right that He be singled out with all worship due to His possessing the attributes of Divinity, these being attributes of Perfection. The statement of Allah with the meaning: The Extremely Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy, Shaikh ‘Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Naasir as-Sa’dee said: ‘Ar-Rahmaan (The Extremely Merciful) and Ar-Raheem (the Bestower of Mercy) are two names which show that He, the Most High, possesses the attribute of vast and tremendous Mercy (ar-Rahmah), which is such that it encompasses everything, and covers every living thing. He furthermore, decreed it for His pious and obedient servants who keep their duty to Him those who follow His Prophets and Messengers: for them there is unrestricted Mercy; whereas the rest of the people receive only a portion of His Mercy.

An Exegesis Of The Opening Chapter of The Qur'aan