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Protection Against the Plots of Shaytaan

Author: Shaykh Saleem Ibn 'Eed al Hilaalee
Publisher: Daar Us-Sunnah Publications 
Pages: 145 Binding: Paperback
Description from the publisher: 

From the back of the book: It is the battle with Iblees -ALLAH  curse him- and his party that has been the principal battle since the time the enemy of ALLAH resolved the pursue Aadam and his offspring in all situations and at all times, coming to him from all driections and folllowing him every minute, as ALLAH (s.w.t) The Lord of all Creation informed us: (Iblees) said 'Allow me respite until the Day they are raised up, ALLAH (s.w.t) said 'you are of those given respite'. (Iblees )' Because you have sent me astray I will sit in wait against them (mankind) on Your Straight Path. Then I will come to them from in front of them and behind them, fro their right and their left, and you will not find most of them thankful to You'.

Protection Against the Plots of Shaytaan

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