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The Fundamentals of Tafseer

Author: Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saaleh al 'Uthaymeen
Publisher: Tarbiyyah Bookstore (2008)
Pages: 208 Binding: Paperback
Description from the publisher:

From the introduction of the Shaykh: Certainly, within every science it is important for a person to learn its fundamentals so they may help in understanding the science and extracting the principles of what the science has to offer based on those fundamentals. This way, a person’s knowledge will be built upon a strong foundation and firmly established roots. It is said that whoever is prevented from learning the fundamentals, he is prevented from arriving (at what benefits the science has to offer.)One of the most important sciences of knowledge, rather the most important and noble of all sciences is the knowledge of Tafseer, which is the explanation of the meanings of Allaah’s speech. The people of knowledge have established fundamentals for it just as they have with the science of Hadeeth or Fiqh. I have already written a simple work regarding this knowledge for the students attending the Knowledge Institute at Imaam Muhammad ibn Su’ood Islaamic University. Some people requested that I make it a separate book to make it easier and more thorough. So I have now done this and I ask Allaah to benefit others by it.

The Fundamentals of Tafseer

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