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Entering the Jamaa’ah of ‘Ishaa While not having Prayed Maghrib

Question 208: A person enters the Masjid for the ‘Ishaa prayer then recalls that he had not prayed Maghrib, so what should he do?

Response: If you enter the Masjid and the ‘Ishaa prayer is being established then you recall that you had not prayed Maghrib, you should enter the Jamaa’ah with the intention of Maghrib. When the Imaam stands for the fourth Rak’ah, you (remain) sitting in your third. You wait and make tasleem with the Imaam. You can also make tasleem (in the third Rak’ah) then enter along with the Imaam in what remains of the ‘Ishaa prayer, and there is no harm in the Imaam and the one following (the Imaam) having contrasting intentions according to the correct statements of the people of knowledge. Also, if you pray Maghrib by yourself then pray along with the Jamaa’ah what are you able to catch of the ‘Ishaa prayer, then there is no problem.


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