The Conditions for the Proper Hijaab

Second: An explanation of the conditions required for the Hijaab to fulfill its religious objective. Below is a list of the Hijaab’s necessary conditions: 1. The Hijaab must cover a woman’s entire body, based on Allaah’s statement: “O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the believing women to cast their jalaabeeb over themselves (i.e. their bodies).” [33:59] You have already come to know from what we have written previously that the jilbaab is a long garment that is ample enough to cover the entire body and that the meaning of the word idnaa (to cast) is “to lower” and “to let down” as was stated previously. 2. The garment must be thick, not thin and transparent. This is since the objective of the Hijaab, which is to veil a woman’s entire body and her hidden and apparent adornment, cannot be achieved with a thin garment. Therefore, that which a great amount of covered women wear today, which they call the ‘abaa’ah (cloak) or the malaa’ah (mantle), but which are transparent and describe the skin, such that the onlooker can see what lies beneath the garment, i