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Imaam Bin Baaz on the Scholars being Ignorant About Current Affairs

Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez bin ‘Abdillaah bin Baaz said whilst talking about accusing the scholars of being ignorant about current affairs: “The obligation upon the Muslim is to guard his tongue from those things that don’t concern him, and to not speak except based on clear knowledge. So saying that such and such a person does not understand the current affairs, this statement requires knowledge, and thus no one should say it except for someone with knowledge, so that he may be able to apply the ruling that so and so truly does not understand the current affairs.

As for someone making such a statement haphazardly and ruling by his own opinions without any proof, then this is a great evil and it is not permissible. Therefore, in order for one to know that a person qualified for giving Fatwa (religious verdicts) is ignorant about current affairs, this requires proof. And no one has the right to do this except for the scholars.”


Source: Refer to the magazine Raabitat-ul-‘Aalam al-Islaamee: Issue no. 213


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