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The Best of People...

Indeed the best type of worship the deed which is performed for the pleasure of the Lord in every time with what that particular time requires and its intent. So the best type of worship at the time of Jihaad: Jihaad even if it leads to leaving off a specific portion of the voluntary good deeds.

At the time of the presence of a guest, for example: (The best type of worship is) Fulfilling his right and preoccupying oneself with this over the preferable, yet non-obligatory good deeds. Likewise, is the fulfillment (of rights of the) wife and family.

The best (worship) at the time of the early morning is occupying oneself with prayer, the Qur'aan, Du'aa, dhikr, and seeking forgiveness.

The best (worship) at the time of a student seeking guidance and the learning of an ignorant person: Accepting what he learns and occupying oneself with it.

The best (worship) at the times of the Adhaan is leaving off of whatever is specific to this time and preoccupying oneself with answering the call of the Mu'adhin.

The best (worship) at the times of the five prayers: Striving to perfectly fulfill them the most perfect manner, making the initiative to perform them in the beginning of the time, and going out to the congregation - and if it were far, then that is even better.

The best (worship) at the times of necessity of the person in need needing help from someone in position, or physical, or financial help: Occupying oneself with helping him, relieving his grief, and giving precedence to that over your specific activities and your personal time.

The best (worship) at the time of reading the Qur'aan: Combining the heart and determination upon reflection upon it and understanding it until it is as if Allaah is addressing you personally with it. So you focus your heart upon understanding it and reflecting upon it, and you bring your determination upon carrying out its commands even more so than one would do if a book came to him from a king or other authority.

The best (worship) at the time of standing at Mount. Arafah: Striving for humbleness, Du'aa, Dhikr - without fasting.

The best (worship) during the ten days of Dhul-Hijjah: Increasing in worship, especially saying Takbeer ("Allaah Akbar"), Tahleel ("Laa Ilaaha Illa Allaah"), and Tahmeed ("al-Hamdulillaah"). For this is better than even the non-obligated Jihaad.

The best (worship) during the last ten nights of Ramadhaan: Staying in the masjid, seclusion, and I'tikaaf without mixing with the people and being preoccupied with them. This is even better than (mixing with them for) their learning of some knowledge or reading of the Qur'aan as is the opinion of many scholars.

The best (worship) at the time of sickness of your brother Muslim or his death: Visiting him or attending his funeral and burying him and giving that precedence over your personal time or your (time on) Friday.