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Beware of the Evil of the People of Desires & Innovation

"...Calling to the sword, meaning [calling] to fitnah. So the fighting that came about between the Muslims, the splitting of their unity, it only came about due to the people of desires -- from Mu'tazilah and Khawaarij and other than them, the people of desires. They are the ones that caused fitnah. The Mu'tazilah, Khawaarij, Rawaafid, and other than them. The trials and tribulations did not come except from them. It was not caused except by them.

Who killed 'Uthmaan, (Radhiyallaah 'anhu)?

Who killed 'Alee Bin Abee Taalib, (Radhiyallaah 'anhu)?

Who ignited the fitnah between the Muslims after that other than the people of desires?

Who incited Al-Ma'moon and those who came after him to subject Ahl-Sunnah to trials?

To the point that they took their (i.e. Ahlis-Sunnah's) Imaam, Ahmad Bin Hanbal, (Rahimahullaah) and they beat him and imprisoned him. [Who] other than the people of desires. Who imprisoned Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah, to the point that he died in prison, (Rahimahullaah). [Who] except the people of desires. So we must be careful from them, because in the end, their evil leads to the tearing of the unity of the Muslims and [leads] to revolting against the Muslim ruler and to the separation of the community of Muslims, so that they become sects and factions instead of being one Ummah. Na'am"



Courtesy of: ahlulsunnahwaljammah


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